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Shadecloth makes for the coolest canopy under the sun. Although this shadecloth is not waterproof it does shed 70% of rain when used on the 30 degree angle canopy frame. Shadecloth will not trap heat under the canopy like soild fabric so when the heat rises it passes through the shadecloth instead of being trapped. . Alnet knitted Cooltone HDPE shadecloth has a 70% shade factor and filters approx. 90% UV rays. Fabric life expectancy is approx. 6 yrs. which is much longer than most fabrics.

Brown & Tan Stripe canopy Alnet Cooltones
 Brown & Tan Stripe Green & White Stripe Blue & White Stripe
Canopy frames are 1 3/8 18 gauge tubing . Tubing slides inside the connector fittings and locks in place with snapbuttons.

closeup of corner Connections & Tubing

All Connections & Tubing lock in place with snapbuttons

10 Ft. Tubing joined & locked in place with snapbutton
10 Ft. Tubing joined & locked in place with snapbutton

Units below include shadecloth top, ball bungees for securing shadecloth to the frame, connector fittings and tubing for the frame. If you would like to get the tubing local and save on shipping please scroll down the page for units not including tubing. Units Below Do Not include tubing

Items on this page no longer available


18 inch Rebar Anchor Stake
18" Length Rebar Anchor stakes for hard ground
 $1.50 each
18 inch Twist Anchor Stake
18" Twist Anchors for softer ground
$2.50 each
 blue, vinyl Sand Bag
Sand Bag
$4.00 each
9 ft. Anchor Strap
Anchor Straps are made in USA of 1st Quality UV stabilized 1" fabric for maximum outdoor life....
$4.00 each
 1 3/8 Tubing Foot Pad
1 3/8 Tubing Foot Pad

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