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Providing temporary shelter from sun & rain

Complete line of Tarps & Canopies for protection from sun or rain.

Our Heavy Duty 6 & 8 oz. silver sunblock or 8 oz. Heavy Duty White polytarps are the same tarp used on the canopy frame kits.
We have added a line of Extra Heavy Duty 8 oz. Silver Sunblock Polytarp
Canopy Tarps have become very popular especially when enclosing the canopy.
Mesh tarps are not water proof. Used mainly for shade or covering material when hauling since they will not flop in the wind.
Our Outdoor Canopies and Canopy Kits make great temporary shelter.
We offer a line of Canopy Fittings for 1"EMT tubing, 1 3/8 or 1 5/8 Chain Link Toprail

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8 oz. Heavy Duty Silver Sunblock PolyTarp

8 oz. Heavy Duty White Canopy Grade PolyTarp

Classic LowPitch Canopy

Classic Low Pitch Canopy

Classic High Pitch Canopy

Valanced Enclosed Canopies

Valance & Enclosed Canopy

Camouflage Tarps

4.5 oz. Med. Duty Poly Tarps

2.75 oz. Light Duty Poly Tarps


18 oz. PVC Tarps

1 inch Connector Fittings

Uses 1 inch EMT Conduit

1 3/8 & 1 5/8 Canopy Connector Fittings

Mesh Tarps

Lumber & Steel Tarps

Flame Retardant
18 oz. PVC Tarps

Tarp & Canopy Accessories

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