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6.5 oz./ sq. yd. Shade/Truck Tarp Mesh

Tarps are made using black knittted polyethylene material. Tarps have double stitched, reinforced perimeter hem with large solid brass grommets approx. every two feet along hem and in all four corners. Corners also have reinforced triangular patch for added strength. Approx. shade factor of 70%.

Item # Tarp Size  Price Purchase
M810 8x10 $32.00 Out of Stock
M1012 10x12 $43.00 Out of Stock
M1014 10x14 $49.00 Out of Stock
M1016 10x16 $56.00 Out of Stock
M1018 10x18 $63.00
Out of Stock
M1212 12x12 $49.00
M1214 12x14 $59.00
M1216 12x16 $64.00 Out of Stock
M1218 12x18 $69.00
M1220 12x20 $74.00
M1224 12x24 $89.00
M1226 12x26 $94.00
M1245 12x45 $179.00
M1250 12x50 $199.00
M1255 12x55 $215.00 Out of Stock

10 oz. Multi-Mesh Tarps

10 oz. Multi-Mesh Tarp Approx. 50% shade factor. Tarps made from Twitchell Textilene Fabric. Normally used for covering trucks and trailers and not for making shade. The 10 oz. Multi-Mesh Tarp is woven fabric made from vinyl coated polyester thread with colors that vary so not usually considered cosmetically suitable for people shade. Made from loom state fabric with no seams except for 12 wide which have interior healed sealed seams.

Please note: Sizes shown are cut size. Finish size will be approx: 2% less than cut size. Example 10x10 = approx. 9'8"x9'8" Finish

Tarp Colors vary and may change at random

Tarps Listed Below are
Heavy Duty 10 oz. PVC coated woven yarn.
10 oz. Tarps are mainly used by the professional industry where maximum durability is required from daily use. Designed for refuse/waste hauling,dump bed covers, large tree hauling jobs & etc.

Crafted with pride by Cover Me Tarps & Canopies

Made in USA

Photo above shows 2" webbing being sewn into edges of tarp. Tarps are double stitched around all 4 sides with solid brass roll rim grommets placed through 2 layers of mesh and the webbing for maximum strength and durability

These tarps are multi colored and colors may change at random
Item # Cut Size  Price Purchase Weight
MM68 6x8 $25.00
MM610 6x10 $29.40
MM710 7x10 $34.30
MM810 8x10 $39.20
MM812 8x12 $47.00
MM815 8x15 $58.80
MM816 8x16 $62.62
MM1010 10x10 $49.00

2 Black  Ball Bungees
6" Black Ball Bungee
25 cent each
8" Black Ball Bungee
25 cent each
9" Black Ball Bungee
27 cent each
11" Black Ball Bungee
29 cent each
a White Ball Bungee
6" White Ball Bungee
25 cent each
8" White Ball Bungee
25 cent each
9" White Ball Bungee
27 cent each
11" White Ball Bungee
29 cent each


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