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How to Tarp a Damaged Roof

How to Tarp a Damaged Roof

Tarping your damaged roof is a simple and cost-effective way to shield your home from the elements for up to 3 months. With this guide, you can learn how to easily install tarps on roofs in order to keep away bad weather until more permanent solutions are implemented. We recommend extreme caution with all of the steps and doing this project when it is not raining or overly windy and with at least one helper. 

Begin by assessing the damage from a secure ladder once the storm has passed. Wear protective gear such as gloves, goggles, clothing, and sturdy boots to stay protected while cleaning off any debris that may have accumulated. If the roof is steep, or slippery avoid stepping onto it. Once free of obstructions use caution when climbing onto it in order to avoid slipping or further damaging shingles.

Measure the area of damage using a tape measure and take note - when unrolled, your chosen tarp must cover both this space plus an additional four feet overhang from the peak of your roof. Any extra material can be safely left hanging off its edge. 

For short-term requirements, the use of sandbags is easy and economical. For a longer-term installation, the use of anchor boards is essential to ensure that your tarp is secure. To start, roll a 2 x 4-inch board along the peak end of your tarp and nail it in. It's important that the board extends two feet longer than the width of the tarp, so that it rests against the roof without collecting any rainwater, snow, or debris. When temporarily securing the board in place, use nails long enough to screw through the board all the way past the shingles and into the decking. To maximize protection and stability, sandwich the tarp by nailing a second 2 x 4-inch board over top of the first. Please remember not to step on your tarp, they tend to be very slippery even when dry.





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