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Golf Simulation Enclosure Kit with Screen & Side Panels - 8' x 10'

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Whether you're a beginner or expert golfer, having your very own golf simulator can take your game to the next level. But finding one that is budget-friendly can be a challenge. That's where our DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit comes in.

Our kit includes the following components:

  • Jason Mills' 1920 Golf Projection and Impact Screen - It is well-known for its exceptional durability, highest image quality, and low noise level at impact. This impact screen has been extensively tested to maintain strength with balls hitting at over 200 mph. We wanted to offer our customers a cost-effective option for this high-end screen. This fabric is considered SECONDS and therefore slight variations in color, light stains, finishing irregularities, etc. may be present. Image quality, if affected at all, is typically slight. 
  • 1" EMT canopy fittings (connectors) - This is the 11-piece set we sell separately including 6 3-way fittings, 2 L-shaped fittings & 3 splicer connectors.
  • Side and top panels made from black poly fabric with metal grommets on all the sides All the panels have grommets all around the edges to connect to the sides with the ball bungees. If you would rather have a different depth, just call or email us and we can create a kit with different dimensions.
  • Black ball bungees (120)

All that's left for you to do is supply the poles, which can easily and economically be purchased at your local hardware store.

Here are the suggested pole lengths:

  • 4 poles 6' long for the depth
  • 4 poles 7’ 11” long for the height
  • 3 poles 9’11” long for the width (We have included splicers so that you can use combinations of lengths to make the 9’11” sides.) 

*We can ship your entire kit within 2-3 days. If you need an exact shipping estimate, please call us.

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